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A classic tote bag that'll withstand whatever you throw in it, from books to groceries!

• 100% bull denim cotton construction
• Dimensions: 14 ⅜” x 14” (36.5 cm x 35.6 cm) 
• Dual handles



The Story 

      Who doesn’t love coffee? That’s what I thought when Coco and I went on our first date. I was hardly able to eat all of my sushi roll at Sake Café because I was so nervous. From there, I thought that coffee should follow. It would stimulate some conversation and give me a burst of energy!

      We made our way down to Veteran’s Memorial Park in Hattiesburg, MS with warm cups in hand. So romantic, right? Boy, I was clueless. We walked and talked and sipped on our warm brew. I can still see the Periwinkles in the Park and the sunset was never more meaningful.

      Every place, every drink, and every sunset can be beautiful with the right person. This design is a reminder that the simple things become quite great when you’re in love. We hope that you have love and all of the little memories come back to you when you see this design.